Healthcare is changing.
Your digital strategy should too.

Leverage Marketing’s digital insights and solutions help healthcare providers succeed in their evolving landscape.


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Growing Your Audience in a Consumer-Driven Market

Patients have more control over their healthcare than ever before. Greater access to information and treatment options empowers consumers to shop around for a better experience, leading more of them to begin their healthcare journey online—search inquiries for care providers increased by 9% over 2018 alone. Providers need a strong digital presence to stand out in the larger and more competitive marketplace.

We'll help you reach the right audiences on the right channels.

Leverage's Digital Analysis and Amplification process takes an in-depth look at your current marketing strategies and digital landscape to uncover new and more effective ways of growing your customer base. From there, we can:

  • Educate patients about treatments and services with SEO-optimized content

  • Identify your ideal audiences with careful ad targeting and data personalization

  • Drive foot traffic into facilities with location-based ad targeting

Customer Success

+16% YOY Revenue

How to overcome a seasonal slump? Leverage answered this question and turned a traditionally slow time of year into a time for growth.

10X Revenue

How to grow revenue? Leverage answered this question by adding an enormous amount of content and growing organic traffic by 3384%

$10MM Series A

How to secure funding to expand? Leverage furnished Remedy with a digital marketing plan that helped them secure $10MM in series A funding.

Marketing Services That Help You Grow

Earned Media

Rank highly in search results, grow organic traffic, gain attention from local patients, and streamline your website's conversion process.

Paid Media

Receive customized lead generation strategies, optimize your ad spending, and maintain high performance through continual testing.

content production

Content Production

Increase organic traffic and build brand awareness with content that engages and educates your target audiences.


Reputation Management

Control the conversation about your business with professional, personable responses to consumers' online feedback.

Social Media

Generate leads by amplifying your brand and original content across more channels.

web development

Web Development

Better serve patients with an intuitive, mobile-friendly website that facilitates conversions and acts as a launchpad for gaining new patients.

About Leverage Marketing

  • Leverage sets you up for success by conducting a full audit and analysis of your market and current digital tactics, discovering opportunities to pursue more actionable, effective strategies. We have a proven track record of helping both privately held and PE-funded healthcare organizations capture a larger market share and increase their revenue.


    See how well you stack up against the competition, what you should do to grow patient volume, and how to decrease your customer acquisition cost.

Sub-Segments Are Our Specialty


Hospitals, labs, med spas, and other locations that need help getting patients through the door.

Healthcare Benefit Plans

Consumer control means more opportunities for administrators and discount prescription providers.


Online service providers need help staying ahead in an increasingly competitive market.

What can digital marketing do for me?

My healthcare practice needs to:

Impact more patients

Get more referrals, schedule more consultations, and improve the overall health of more patients

Increase patient loyalty

Create an email system to follow up after appointments, reach out on birthdays and holidays, announce promotions, leave reminders for follow-up appointments, ask for a review or referral, etc.

Gain more awareness

Increase the efficiency, effectiveness, creativity, and breadth of our outreach to reach more potential patients

Spend less time on marketing administration

Work with a healthcare-focused marketing agency to design and implement strategies for reaching my marketing goals so I can focus on my business and my patients

Create meaningful dialogue with my patients

Keep patients informed through ongoing proactive, thoughtful, targeted, and personalized communication and content outreach

Improve patients’ online experience

Match the online experience to the experience we strive to offer at our practice - friendly, helpful, knowledgable, and empathetic

Improve my/our reputation and reviews

Improve patient trust and satisfaction, increase positive reviews, appropriately deal with negative content, and identify new areas for improvement as a poor reputation in my space can make or break my practice

Stand out in a hypercompetitive market

Find creative ways to outshine and outclass the competition in the services we offer, the way we discuss and advertise them, and how we communicate with patients

Improve data security and compliance

Find an agency fluent in and that can help simplify the complexities of compliance, HIPAA, and FDA/FTC patient-centered content

Choose A Google Premier Partner

What it means to be an accredited digital marketing agency:

  • We're certified digital marketing specialists with up-to-date knowledge
  • We consistently manage a high ad spend
  • Our campaigns deliver solid overall ad revenue and growth
  • We have exclusive access to new product features and Google support technicians
  • We're part of the top 2% of Google Partner agencies

Learn more about what we can do to help your business thrive in an expanding, consumer-driven healthcare market. Call (512) 236-5002 or fill out our contact form to get in touch with our digital marketing experts.

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